Returning To The Magickal World

 I have always known that I was different. Different likes, looks, etc. Kids in school never really liked me, though now I get along with adults just fine. The were more "open" though and knew there was something "wrong" with me. What really made me different though was what I did not want to tell others.

I saw Faeries, Elves, Unicorns,Dragons, you name it. Standing there on the edge of the wood, in my yard, even following me to school! Now, I tried telling people about it but they thought I was making it up, or nuts and I got made fun of as a child. Now I know the truth is that I have Magickal Blood running through my veins.

I am part Wolf Fairy and Wood Elf. I learned in school that everything in the world vibrates at different frequencies. This means there are different "Heres" that may never interact but are in the exact same place. The Magickal World exists in a different "Here" or Realm but is very real, and it is my Home place.

I believe that there are many people who are magickal like this but don't know it. The Magickal Beings don't just go around randomly visiting people for the most part, if they are with you then chances are good that you are one of them! 

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15 Responses Jan 29, 2010

Cool. I don't have any fairy experiences to share. But if you like fairies, I know this great book coming out on Halloween. CODENAME FAIRY GODMOTHER: REASSIGNED. For more info, go to

well i neva facd or experiencd such stffs eva bt lovd hearn all ds........

this stories are awesome... i do believe in them i know a guy that could see them... althought im nt sure if they are fairies more like a demonic creatures in everyway... it's a like the paranormal movies... but i do believe... in my house i got a weird and huge tree at my back yard...when im all alone in my house i sometimes hear them walking but couldn't see them though... it was back when i was younger. Elementary to be exact...

at my country, when u see what ppl can't see is called Indigo X) and that's cool.

at my country, when u see what ppl can't see is called Indigo X) and that's cool.

Alright, I need to find out where all the magickal creatures are at. There is much wisdom and experience to partake!

i like this story tons XD

i want to know more about fairies, but all the things i find on the internet don't seem to be consistant. I used to see them when i was young, but i dont anymore. why is this? I had a psychic reading few years ago and she told me when i was settled down in life around mid 30's i'd have healing hands...does this have anything to do with the magikal creatures of the fae?

I wish i could see it too, hope that i will see them in the near future, it such a wonderful story so seeing it in real life, must be something magnificent ! x

I used to see demonic looking creatures in the woods. They were harmless though.

Believe it or not, I'm the exact same way. I thought I was crazy until one entity, a vampire no less told me I had fae blood in me. Go figure! At least now I know why I am like I am.

Thanks for all the comments, keep believeing!

I totally agree with you! But it gets harder to remember fairie roots as I get older....

I'm a Fairy!!! thank you for sharing!!!

i really believe amazing isnt it?magic!:)