Fairly Told Fairy Tales...

There's different kinds of fairy tales.
For instance, there's those sitting atop a weed and are meant to put up one's ***, then there's those that start with "Once upon a time..." and then those that have a source in the dark and foggy mists of a long forgotten past.
The ones I am interested in involves Knights in shining armor on white steeds who are galloping across the horizon at dusk with a formerly distressed damsel hurdled over the saddle...
Do I belive in those? Sure I do. Bar the frog-kissing, that is.
Okay, so I had to get rid of the horse for lack of space in the kitchen and the ol' armor is getting a tad rusty for having been banned to the porch, but I'm still prepared to leg it across the horizon with a damsel in tow... hey, I'm an old fashioned romantic, what can I say? : )
jimmyrudyjump jimmyrudyjump
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7 Responses May 7, 2011

I have no idea what you've just tried to communicate here with us, sir. Can you speak.... human?

Lolz dhats funny,i just started this thing so do u wanna be my first friend


I'm down at the pub... having a rest... I'm on foot, remember..? :D

**gazes out castle window......**

Exactly, nelladell : )