In Dreams

Once upon a Sylph...

There was a faerie who fell into a wicked spell for a long time. Bewitching her body, draining the sparkles from her faeriedust. Magicians and sorcerers brewed different kinds of potions, conjured several incantations to drive the evil spell away . None has succeeded... until a wizard came along who claimed to possess the ability with the sleight of his hand to drive away the woes.

Such is the hope of the faerie.

But the wizard has to put her to sleep for some time... while all the enchantments and charms are performed.

She would rest into this solitude and dream of dreams that can once again enthuse her spirit with animation and delight.

Dream of basking in the sunshine where butterflies roam freely embracing her heart... while a tune plays in a guitar where she runs with a faithful dog and kitten among the daisies and oats in the field that turn into candies and waterflame... gazing up in the sky where a majestic bird soars high in bliss and transforming...

She pauses from her run... and noticed a hand clasping hers all the while... armoured yet gently holding... a knight who would wait for her to awaken...

Until she does... sweet dreams. 
You all know who you are in my dreams. 

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
7 Responses Apr 18, 2012

Thank you, folks. In all honesty, being your friend is one of the sweetest gift faerie can ever have. You are all great! <br />
<br />
*group hug*

This is beautiful, Sylphy. Your writing brings such colorful images to my mind. I am pleased to be your friend.

*hugs Mary with all her shoes* They were colourful oats. ;p

Awwww....such sweet dreams from my sweet Faerie friend :-)

*bounces on faerie's sweet dreams as she gets better* =)

haha... just pm'd you *giggles* The dreams were heavenly, Mich... *bounces on angeldust*


*Sprinkles angel dust on faerie to make her dreams safe and wonderful*

Faerie's friends give me power. =)

very powerful write in such few words ...:)