When I was a little girl my dream was to be a Princess. I'd spend hours lost in a make believe world of magic spells and dragons and fairy dust and tiaras, but more than anything I dreamt of the nobel knight on a white horse: The Prince who would some day charge in and rescue me.
Life was simple back then, how much easier it is to host tea parties for your teddy bears and dance around the garden barefoot, dressed in a glittering pink gown.
However like all little girls this one had to grow up and naturally as we grow we forget the innocent dreams of our childhood and the harsh reality of our world takes their place. Dreams get forgotten. We cease to believe in magic and fairy Godmothers and evil witches and even our dreams of finding our very own Prince Charming somehow, somewhere along the way shatter and scatter- Carried away on the breeze like the petals of a broken flower.

For me becoming an adult was hard. Gone were sunny days spent searching for fairies and in their place were the stresses and strains of real life. I worked hard, I got good grades, I spent many years searching for my right path.
But at some point in my journey I found myself lost. "Someday my Prince will come" Snow White had once promised me but for me there were certainly no Princes in sight. I spent two years battling depression and an abusive relationship. I stopped believing in heroes and Romeos. My life was dark and sad and filled with anything but the stuff of fairytales.
However then..... as if by magic, on an ordinary day right here in the middle of my ordinary life I was given my fairytale: My Prince. My hero.
He wasn't exactly the way I pictured him when I was a little girl. There was no white horse, no sword fight, no slaying of dragons but none the less within a few weeks he had charged in, slayed my demons and laid to rest my unhappiness, and just like that..... everything changed.

Where we will go and what we will be I do not know. All I know is finding him was the single greatest thing to ever happen to me.
His love, devotion and care dragged me from the darkest, hardest period of my life and pulled me back into the sunshine.
He shook awake that little girl within me, the one I thought had died somewhere along the line along with my belief in Santa and the toothfairy.
But through his love and guided by his strength and support she opened her eyes and now she whispers to me, a soft delicate giggle in my ear as she sees the world in her own beautiful way once again.
Now I see rainbows and butterflies where before I saw darkness and shadows. Those age old dreams..the ones of being a Princess have finally come true because every single day he treats me exactly as if a crown was sat atop my head.
So there may not be any glass slippers or carriages made from pumpkins, we may never have a talking cat or find ourselves up against a fire breathing dragon but one thing is for sure...this little princess...will never stop believing in fairtytales ever ever again.

In dedication, devotion and appreciation to my Prince Charming: Ronan I love you <3 

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Jul 5, 2012