Me Too!!!

Always have... always will... no matter what anyone says... they have happy endings, they make me believe that someday my life story will have a happy ending too

georshar georshar
36-40, F
4 Responses Jun 10, 2009

I hope your get your "happy ending" soon, Geoshar. Except, it won't be an ending, but a beginning to even more magic and extravagance.<br />
<br />
Keep the faith up! It does pay off

Believe angels guide us if we let them , fairy-tails live in our hearts too . And it will come true for you too , just let if happen .<br />
Live your life doing good things than all the things you wish come true . They are free gifts for doing good ;)

yes anna, we have to :)

no matter what..we just have to believe*