The Lessons Behind Them

While Id love to be a fairy and escape to never never land or take a ride in a magical pumpkin, I somehow know that that is just fantasy.

But in this magical world of fairytales with Once upon a times in a far far away land and happile ever afters, there are deep meaningful lessons.

Our heroines often find themselves in a right rut with no escape. Yet there beloved Prince charming always comes dashing in to save them. While this is not quite realistic it is a reminder for us to believe in love and never give up on love.

I always think about the tale in the middle, posioned by an apple, abused by the stepmother, finger pricked, items turned to gold. It is always quite scary and a right nasty situation. But in the end it works out. Sometime I feel that life is like this, you can be down in the dumps and then another minute everything works out perfectly.

There are alot of lessons and things we can learn from fairytales. They remind us who we are. Plus its also fun to dream of a place far far away with handsome prnces and dashing belles :) Keeps the inner child alive.


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1 Response Jul 28, 2009

The best stories are the ones that allow the inner child to dream and believe. I feel sorry for those adults that have lost their inner child, they no longer remember how to fly, or how to fight dragons, or the kiss of a prince or princess.