Someone Died For My Destiny.

i was working in Western Australia at a place called Mt Magnet{ a mining town}..i got a job as a fuel depot manager and my boss who was based on the coast at Geraldton also owned the service station in boss leased out the service station but after some 6months of being there he took the service station back over as the people who leased it fell too far behind with their payments..i did quite well at this job and won some accounts back for the company..well one night i was in the pub playing pool with some mates and out of the corner of my eye i spotted a little head at the window peering in...then i saw 2 then 3 and then 4 was about 10;30pm so i walked outside and asked these children where their parents were and they replied "drunk at home"..i asked them if they have eaten and they said they hadnt so off we went up the road to the takeaway shop for some hot chips and hamburgers..the children were from the same family,2 girls the youngest and 2 boys..after eating i dropped them home and introduced myself to their parents who were pretty well blind morning i went back around and introduced myself again and was all good..there were about 50 or so aboriginal people living on the outskirts of town ..and Mt Magnet was the worst town for racism i have seen..i would be walking down the main street of town with the kids parents and on more than several occasions a caucasion person would hiss under their breadth {black bastard or ****** ******} and i would hear this and give the person involved a piece of my mind which started the white community disliking me..also i used to give that family and other aboriginal families credit at the service station shop..the great benefit i got out of this friendship was every second weekend on cheque day the kids parents and me agreed that i would look after the kids for that weekend so the parents could have a drink and they wouldnt have to worrry about their children..I had a 3 bedroom company house so on Friday afternoon the kids would come around my house for dinner we would go to sleep early then i would wake well before sunup and wake the 2 eldest boys and they would jump in my landrover troop carrier...i would have my swag rolled out in the back so i could gently put the 2 youngest girls in my swag so they could keep sleeping for the 80 kilometre jouney out to the river and hunting grounds..It was great times, we would catch a wild goat or sand goana for breakfast and while driving would munch on buggedda beans,dhardena seeds or bimba which is a wild toffee from the sap of a tree..Also had some amazing experiences with wedge tailed eagles..Im sure some of the white community thought i was a rock spider but the people who counted knew i was fine and i wasnt really worried about what people thought of me..Because of my close relationship with the aboriginal community things started to change..I couldnt believe it the first time i was abused by a white miner driving past the service station,,He yelled out "****** lover we are gonna get you" holy ****, was this Australia..It was like the klu klux klan and i felt it was only a matter of time before they took me out of town and flogged me..I knew i had to leave sooner rather than later..Well some 6 weeks before this started happening i had applied for a job at Warakurna Community in the central desert cause my mate who i had worked with on a cattle station up in the Northern Territory in 87 and Steve was the reason i came over to West Aus. he showed me his pics of the countryside out of Warburton which was 260ks from Warakurna..I was mesmerised by the beauty and colours of the central desert and wanted to go there..Anyway i applied for the position of Project Officer and missed out on the job by 1 ..A guy named Doug beat me for the position and i was next in line..Well i had forgotton about that and was desparete to get out of Magnet alive..I was praying for a miracle when the boss at Warakurna rang me saying Doug has been electricuted up a power pole and had died and could i come straight away..My jaw dropped..I gave 1 weeks notice and started packing for the trip..I just couldnt believe this had happened and i had been saved by fate and someone dying..Made me realise that you cant stop destiny and some things are just meant to be..I look up to the heavens and thank Doug all the time..The day i arrived at Warakurna with my 2 cross dingo girls, one of them heavily in pup, the trip taking 3 days driving in 3rd gear low range plowing through the sand the red ochre men arrived on the same day..But thats another story..thank you for your time..always love and best wishes..xxoo
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You should write a book about your experiences, you are a very kind soul, thats a very rare gift in today's mad world. May love and light shine on you.
tara x

Thank you so much for your lovely seems to me those that write these words have this gift also..i feel you have a caring light and peace to you Tara..xo

Thank you for this deeply honest and intense story. I wish people with your kindness and courage were not so rare in the world.

Thank you again for your nice words..i am just a man following his heart and the truth..a rocky path but the riches are beyond is there for and peace my friend..xo

Wow, what a cool story. You lead an extraordinary life. You know... you should write a book of your life adventure. I think it would be fascinating!

Thank you..its funny others have said the same thing to me..i always considered my life just pretty normal...wish i was better at putting whats inside me in wishes love and peace to you..