Fate Works In Mysterious Ways.

I'm a realist, an atheist, a pessimist. I don't believe in God, I don't believe in after life, and when asked upon the topic of fate, I'd disregard it entirely. Now I sit, at exactly 9:15pm in my home-town,  speaking to my long distance boyfriend who I absolutely adore, listening to the one band that brought us together.  I'm beginning to believe that fate is a real thing, and it works in the most peculiar ways. Let me begin with, I wasn't looking for anything but a friend. I'm not one to on-line date, or meet anyone through the internet. I'm a realist.

Until one day.

It's something alike Nick and Norah's infinite playlist, almost identical, storyline wise - minus the jealous ex-girlfriend and mutual friends. It involved a secret show, a love for music and a boy and a girl.
Fortunately, my boyfriend at the time was heading out of town, and being the introvert I am - didn't have many friends. Desperate to make it to the secret show (The Arkells, if anyone is from Southern Ontario and knows of this amazing band!), and with fear of going alone I made a last minute attempt to post it on a facebook page dedicated to the students at my current college. With no response for a good hour, I gave up and was on my way to meet another friend (who had absolutely no interest in going to the show) at a mall, until a notification popped up on my phone. It was Zack. Media arts student, never met in my life, but seemed harmless enough (if you could look past the bushy brown hair, plaid boyish shirt and trucker hat). Keep in mind, I really wanted to go to this show, and was determined to not go alone. I got off the bus immediately, texted him the address of the show and awaited. We had a good time, spoke into the evening about mutual music interests (did I mention I go nuts for musicians?) and life being away from home (he was also new to town). We did sushi and just walked around downtown. We agreed we both needed a friend, being new and shy as hell, and began hanging out often. 

We are now in a committed, monogamous relationship. I believe I have found love. 
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3 Responses May 24, 2012

NIce story...it might have ended give the last story...but yes...I agree Fate is amazing thing...

I really call Fate, random chance...but that is the spice of life....that is what keeps it all interesting. If you are open to it....something is always presented to you from time to time. :)

Unfortunately also taken away...but that is what makes the "good" fate so important and valued.

God and fate are things that have to be appreciated,you cant argue them out, good thing for you is now you do.

We fell in love in a hopeless place.

Continued: That song comes to mind.