I Still Think It Was Fate

About half a year ago my friend and I went to the cinema together. Everything was planned perfectly and there were no problems at all. Until we left the cinema. The bus home was late. It was really strange, since that was the very first time this line ever came too late. So we waited and waited and waited. After about 20 minutes it finally arrived. The bus driver said he was very sorry about it and that his wheel had to be replaced. Which had also never happened before when that bus was on the way.
When we got off the bus it was already really late so we both hurried home. At least we wanted to. Right in front of the house next to the place we lived, there were poice cars. Everywhere. A police officer saw us and almost came running. He told us that we've been really lucky. Only 15 minutes before we arrived, a couple living in the house had a huge fight that ended up horribly. That husband tried to stab his wife and ran outside. He had been screaming around the neighborhood, saying that he'll kill every single woman he sees. (Of course, the people living there immediately called the police.)
And then there was us, two girls, walking alone in the streets at night. We could still hear the man screaming at us while the police car drove past us. Then that police officer said that the both of us were really blessed that our bus had been late.
Well, I didn't believe in fate. Until that day.
thessy thessy
18-21, F
Jul 19, 2012