We Arethe Fate Makers

Fate may occur when we are not paying attention, or perhaps we can get in the way of another persons bad decision, like being in the line of a snipers bullet.
I have found, in looking back over time, my fate ...the great, the good and the learned from. ...
Have all been of my own making, taking it further or my inner command to stop it from taking anymore of my precious time.
My fate is the story of my life. Let it be my greatest gift, to give.
My masterpiece of Loving forgivenes and understanding...absolute acceptace that has left me, the author, still standinding.
Aligned my with Divine co- Creator.
This is how I view the facts of the acts in my life.
Love True8
True8 True8
51-55, F
1 Response Aug 7, 2012

Lovely post,thank you for sharing,we are on the same wavelength.