Anal Leash

One of my favorite things is this large single anal bead on a chain. I'm proud to bend over my boyfriends knee and have my *** fingered to make way for the leash. He doesn't use lube to make it easier and it is a really big ball and chain. I know not to make a sound while he pushes it in or I get spanked. I wear it when we go out and he pulls on it and I always wear a short skirt so the chain shows. I never question spreading my *** to allow him to show his friends.
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16 Responses Sep 12, 2012

I just found out about anal leashes. I want one so bad. I have 2 guy friends that love dominating me. I'm going to see which one wants to put me on a leash. Yout are awesome.

I want to shove my fist up your ***

WOW love the idea , your so hot

I am certainly curious now.

I have never heard of an anal leash before. It's an interesting idea. I'm not sure how I'd react to wearing one other than lots, and lots and lots of blushing! Lol

hell yes i like the thought of that

damn your incredible

lovely image, i wll have to try

what a good lil hot sexy **** you are babe ! i bet you love being ****** hard in your hot tight *** hole ! anal cream pie baby ! growl

Anal one of the most enjoyable thing in sex

Wow what an interesting and great idea.

Good ****!!

A true ****

And do you belong to anyone now? A ****/***** like you needs a strong Dominate man to control you

Well I can tell you how to use and abuse your *****

show me please

Wow! I love the way you behave! I get turned on thinking about my wife being used and fingered by total strangers.

I bet it makes a cute jingling sound when you walk

Maybe a couple of pictures of your leash.