But Daddy......

I know better....I really do.....when nick says I've had it you might as well bend over cause those words mean one thing.....belt. period...he's not ever spontaneous.....no surprise...by the time the word it is leaving his mouth I am mentally preparing myself.
Last night I say to my hunny how I would just love one night out, me and my girl, nothing too late just some time.....my hubby being the very mature dom that he is says well you should go, so I do, my girl and I met at a sports bar two blocks from my house, its more for the younger crowd, I am only 24 but I consider myself an old soul. Anyway we go, drinking, not watching time, my daddy only asked me one thing....one rule.....be home at midnight, he says nothing good happens after midnight unless in your bed, with your significant other. Sooooo long story short I realize at 1:30 in the morning, that I am in the bar, looked at my phone in sheer panic, my daddy has not called, why? Ohh maybe he's asleep, that would be so great, I will tell him in the morning, take a whoopin, go on about my day. Wouldn't that have been great? Yeah.....no.....I race home, sneaking in, walking so quiet up the stairs, as not to wake my quickly angered daddy. I opened the bedroom door worry free, ready for sleep. The bedside light suddenly came on, my loving husband had a belt in his hand, and those words "had it" sent a shiver down my spine, my daddy only said 2 sentences "I've had it with you" and "let's go" and me being a little tipsy reply "but daddy" to which I for the first time saw my daddy explode, he immediately grabbed my arm, bending me over his knee and lit my *** up, the belt was unforgiving as it welted my backside, he didn't show any signs of stopping as I rebelliously begged for mercy, he spanked me so hard I worried if i would actually be able to sit down which side note no I could not for a whole day, then he simply laid back down leaving me to sort out my own guilt, moral of this story is donot ever disobey, for your backsides sake girl, obey and be in bed at midnight, sex is so much more enjoyable than an *** whooping.......
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4 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Yep, I'm learning obedience is best. I'm still a work in progress but I'm am getting there. Hopefully you are further along than I am. Sorry you got yourself into trouble, that always sucks.

I would have done the same thing to you that your hubby did but i would have used my long wooden paddle on your bare butt and then i would have sent you to the corner for some corner-time so i could have reveiwed your bright cherry red bottom.And everytime you disobey me you would get a hard bare bottom spanking.

He did what he had to do. Whipped butt is the only answer to such behaviour.

That's what bad girl deserve, you broke the law so you should get a purple *** so you can't sit for a week to learn how to obey your Dom.

Good girl ( rub your head )