My Weekend *****

I have been talking to your owner and we have agreed that you will come over spend weekend twice a month. After much discussion he told me that you would be here a Friday night.

I ordered you to dress nicely; wearing a low cut purple silk shirt that shows a lot of those huge boobs. Also required attire is a black skirt, black crotch-less pantyhose and matching purple high heels. No panties and ***** in your *** from the time you leave your owners control until you make it to My home.

There is a knock on My door, My **** package has arrived. I want you to have to wait just a bit longer in the cold. I can see you outside the door, you are alone, scared. But there you stand outside my door wanting so much it to have that ***** removed. By now you must have had that ***** in your *** for 7 or 8 hours straight so I know it’s hurting you but you take it because it’s My desire. I watch you fidget for a moment, and my cell rings and the most timid voice I have ever heard says “I’m outside”. I tell you: Come in, the door is open.

When you walk in to find me sitting on my chair, you stay next to the door looking at the floor. You don’t look at me in eyes because it's one of the rules.

I stand up walk toward you slowly, and grab your wrist, leading you slowly to the bedroom. I put you next to the bedroom's door and I walk away to sit on my bedroom's chair, I ask you: Do you know why you are here?
Quietly you say: To serve You Sir.
I ask: How will you serve Me?
Quickly you say: I will Be at Your feet and making all Your wishes and desires come true.

I reply with a very deep voice: So get on your knee and show me you *****.
Hastily you run to me and kneel down and kiss my shoe saying: "I’m Your worthless useless pain **** Sir, please take me and use this body to please yourself. Please punish me, hurt me, i am all yours Sir".

I order you to turn around and lift the skirt to check on the ***** it’s there, and yeah it's there right up in your *******. You gasp in pain but you don't know this is nothing compared to what's waiting for you.

I lift you up by your hair take off your clothes. Tie your hand behind your back, tie your boobs and connect them to your arms. Bend you little bit up against the wall I remove the ***** a start to rub your ***. Sighs of relief and pleasure escape your ***** lips. After a few minutes I say enough ****, it's time. In nothing more than a whisper I hear yes Sir. It makes me smile to know you’re scared.

I grab a stick and in one fluid movement baaaam on your huge meaty ***. You moan very hard, you feel it in your *** cheek like fire, I give you 50 of those. Your cries are bitter and hard and music to my ears. You moaning so hard wanting scream for mercy but you know that will only make me start over. Then I kneel you down and give another 50 using my belt.

When I finish the 100 your face is covered with tears and your *** is so bright red, with some bloody marks showing. I rub your *** with some lotion and tell you, that my report to your Owner, those marks will show him that you took the first punishment well. "Thank You Sir" I think is what you whimper.

I ask you how you feel now. You can't talk. You are not here in our world, you are in subspace. You just moved your head up and down. I order you to open your mouth to suck me deep. I **** your throat as *****, deep, hard, fast, rough.

You were choking and gagging. I love seeing the tears form in your eyes. I let you calm down for a little bit then turn to your *** and shove my **** in. I **** your *** for so long you start to shake and quiver. I Hiss at you don’t you dare *** *****. I can tell you are hoping I let you *** once.

After while I grab your hair and ask: do you want to ***? You say: yes Sir please. I say **** you. You are not allowed and i keep ******* your ***.

I grab your hair and ask you again. This time you can't talk but you moan, so now I know I have pushed you far enough. I say: now you can ***, don't stop just keep *******.

And you do. You just ******* and *******, you lose count, you don't know how you were keeping *******. Until I *** deep in your ***. I pull out. Spank you couple times with my hand and you fall down on your side. I lay a blanket over your body and stuff a pillow under your head. She has served me well for today….

I go off to bed planning the next day’s events.
Modytota Modytota
26-30, M
Dec 5, 2012