The Origins Of Female Submission

It is my contention that female submission is the true, natural order of things.

Human beings have been around, depending on whose assertions you accept, for 3.5 to 4 million years. Recorded history only goes back five thousand years or so. That is nothing more than the blink of an eye. For the vast amount of time we have been on this earth males have been dominant and females submissive. Feminism is only a very recent and very harmful phenomenon.

Women have been told they are the exact equal of men in every way, save our reproductive equipment. This is a lie and honest women know it. They either know it, or they know that something is wrong with what they have been told. Something is missing from their lives, but they don't know what it is. What is missing is their true nature as submissive and obedient servants to their male counterparts.

For the first 90% of the time we have been on this earth a woman's very survival depended on her attracting the attention of the strongest and most dominant male she could. His strength (both physical and the strength of his character) ensured both her survival and the survival of the children he gave her. This was when survival was not only a day to day thing, but minute to minute as well. This is why even today woman are attracted to the, "Alpha male." The self confident, dominant man who is in charge of every situation. The one that makes them feel safe and protected. This concept is buried deep into their DNA memory, a legacy from all their female ancestors dating back to the first woman on earth.

It is only when these basic elements of life are ignored or dismissed as being, "old fashioned" or out of date that unease and discontent set in. Women are conditioned from the dawn of time to serve and obey. This is not a imposition or a demeaning way of life, women derive pleasure and satisfaction in doing things for their men. Whether it is cooking a nice dinner, picking out a good looking shirt for him to wear, or sending him to work looking nice in the clothes she has laundered and ironed for him, she feels content and satisfied knowing she has served her Master well.

An honest woman also knows there are times during the month when she is not herself. This is when she depends on her man to keep her in line and do the critical thinking for both of them. She needs to understand that there is a solid rock in their relationship; him, the one she can reach out to in order to steady and center herself until she can once again assume the full duties of the submissive woman.

She also understands that there will be times when she must be disciplined. Women tend to rebel out of a need to assure themselves that their man is being consistent in his authority. Like little children, women need the security that comes with discipline. Disciplined with a firm hand, but with love as well. She will, from time to time feel rebellious and bitchy. This is when she must be taken firmly in hand and corrected. A woman who understands herself will know this is for her benefit and will appreciate her man taking the time and interest to correct her and once again place her on the right path. After a good, bare bottom, over the knee spanking she will feel that all is right with the world and that she is once again in her place, happy and content and proud to be a submissive and obedient woman. Serving her man and attending to his every comfort and need.

This is how a woman finds fulfillment and true, womanly satisfaction and contentment.
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3 Responses Sep 12, 2012

I actually agree with you....
I mean-as a natural leader and a very dominant female-in the context of a relationship I want the man the be the boss. It's a relief to give up being in charge for once and lean on him.

I don't do laundry that's what the dry cleaner is for.

i am a woman who owns her own business, is confident and selfassured, but my happiest moments are when i am taking care of those i love, and knowing that i have a dominate man watching over me and protecting me.