Some Observations On Female Submission And Obedience

Some time ago I decided to be fully upfront with my views regarding the true roles of the sexes (that is the correct word, "gender" is incorrect and silly).
A woman's true nature is to be guided and led. It is only by accepting her true nature that she will find happiness and contentment.

Too many times men will refuse to take the leadership role. This comes from their upbringing, a dominant, controlling mother and a weak father. He grows up and looks for someone to take the place of his mother. The woman he finds has grown up playing house with dolls and has thus been able to fully control every aspect of this fantasy life. She expects to be able to carry on in the same way with her husband. If he does not do as she demands, she withholds sex or becomes irrational and aloof until she gets her way. It is at this point she needs to be taken over his knee and shown who is in charge (If you want to see this acted out, watch any episode of, "Everybody loves Raymond." If ever there was a man who needed to grow a pair of balls, it is him).

Sometimes a woman will push a man to the point where he has had enough and he will give her a good spanking. When this happens there usually will be an awakening with the woman as she discovers she really isn't in control, and she prefers it that way. Sadly, this is the exception rather than the rule.

As I have made my views clear, both here and in my everyday life, I have been surprised at how much support I have gotten from women who are fed up with the nonsense they have been fed by society. They are unhappy, unfulfilled and until they discovered submission and obedience, didn't know why. Sadly, many of these women are married to a weak, unwilling male. By the time they realize their mistake it is too late to turn him into a real man.

A good solution is for women who have made the discovery of the joys of submission is for them to spread the word among their women friends. They can expect much resistance, derision and scorn from their "enlightened and liberated" female friends, but if only a small fraction begin to consider another way, progress will be made and more women will become happy and content.
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Thank you for this sir. My dear husband says the same thing. While none of my friends embrace the idea of submission completely at least they are interested. I honestly think women are more ready for this change than men. If the man is not prepared to be a man, a lover, a leader; if he isn't resolute and honorable then it will never work no matter how willing the wife is to actively submit. I know it's not my place to offer guidance to men and I trust that you help ensure that this is understood. I pray my understanding of these matters is indeed correct.

Please do provide guidance to men.

I have always felt the submissive iside of me hid within. I was married at a young age thinking that marrying a man a few years older was a good move...he has to be dominant, he's older than i....but I wad foolish and young not understanding dominant and age mean nothing.of the same. Needless to say, I was the dominant one and thought thats how life was just suppose to be. Ultimately it ended in divorce. he seemed weak to me, passive, and lost my respect. I lost hope in all men. Until I fell in love with my current Bf of almost six years. He seemed different. At first I thought he had to be like the rest...I still tried resisting his natural dominance and fought back with my dominant role I had been forced to turn into from my past relationship. I will say it took time to realize he was a real man with natural dominance..even then I loved the control he had over me but it finally took five years for me to get back to my submissive self that I was born to be. I have finally decided recently that I am ready to fully submit to my man.and give him the love, honesty and respect a true man deserves.
my man
and treat him with.the and respect