Santas Festive Elf

I had spent the day readying the house. I wanted it sparkling for him upon his return. He is a busy man and this time of year he is even busier.
The tree was filled with lights and covered in red ribbon. I knew that the ribbon was not destined to live on the tree but to be put to use later.
The cookies were in the oven and the house smelled of spices. The fire crackled i the fireplace and there were a pile of blankets and pillows waiting near by.

I myself was bathed and scented in roses. Dressed as he would of wanted me in red lace tanga panties, a black lace balconet bra, a silkey gown that resembled a fine evening gown from the 30's and heels that were sky high. And of course my pearls. They were my first collar and my most precious.

He arived at the door and i met him with drink in hand, a butterynipple to warm him from the winters chill. His blue eyes sparkled as he sipped his drink and took in the full sight of me. Making me turn for his inspection. I knew i had done well when he slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me up firmly agaist his already firm manhood.
He handed me his drink and told me to have a sip. As the glass touched my lips he lifted me off of the ground and began carying me to the firplace. His drink splashed over my crimson lips and down onto my cleavage. As he lowered me to the ground his tongue laped the drops off of my bossom.
That simple act made me catch my breath.

I heard the timer chime as the last batch of cookies were done. I looked at him and asked for his permission to retrieve them. I knew his answer as he turned me and swatted my behind. When i when i returned with a tray of warm cookies he was already naked in his chair by the fire. Never had there been a more beautiful man. The sight of him there made me blush and for my panties to become an instant puddle.

I sat by his feet and placed my head upon his knee. He ran his fingers through my copper hair and praised my efforts for looking as he wished me to look. Always a lady, that was his wish. The time for acting like a tramp would come.

His first order was for me to stand. He loved to inspect his prize. The attention to which he looked over me was often overwhelming. His eyes roaming every inch of me. His fingers tracing every line of my flesh.
He never missed  anything. Today i have a small burn on my finger from the cookies. Of course he finds it, questions it arival and heals it with a tender kiss before moving on. I have made sure that all of me will pass his inspection. Extra care was taken in my shaving ritual so that all of me is smooth under his fingers. His aproval is evident in his erect manhood.

He leaves me there standing, inpatient and damp as he retreives ribbon from the tree. My eyes are blindfolded and each of my wrists are tied like gifts but not to each other. I am to return the favor of the inspection but with out my eyes. I know his body. Every curve of it, and i begin at the top. Feeling my way down his perfection. I notice the tenseness in his back and pause my inspection to massage them until they are loose. My hands roam his chest and waist. I love the feel of his body in my hands. I know better than to inspect his manhood just yet, so each leg and buttock are lovingly checked first. Finally i am on my knees before him. I want to see him, but my eyes are still covered. So my fingers roam the length of his shaft. Tracing the cut crown. Finding that spot underneath that causes him to shutter with delight. I tilt my head upward and ask for his permission. He knows what i want. His hand strokes my face and grants me my wish.

His **** fills my mouth. I delight in the feeling. The instant he is in me i can feel him harden even more. He lets out a soft moan of pleasure and his hand on my head encourages me. Not being able to see him is frusterating. But it makes my ears and my touch more alive. My hands grasping as this well shaped ***, pulling him even deeper into my mouth.
Wicked thoughts enter my pretty head and my fingers slide soflty between his rounded cheeks. I start to probe the edge of his taint. Soft slow cirlcles. He wants to resist but he loves how it feels. To let, for a moment his pet be his mistress.  My finger finds it mark and his body spasms at my touch.
With slow steady rhythmic strokes i envade his body. Creating in him wild fire. Passion and desire so strong he is unable to resist. He now has two hands on my head. Handfulls of my hair weaved into his fingers. Thrusting into my mouth with animal abandon. His need growing with each flick of my finger and my tongue. I know the moment is close. I can feel his final hardening in my mouth. I love this moment. That singular moment in time when he is MINE. I can stop and let him take back full control or i can continue and own him. the choice is not mine to make it is his. And in this instant i feel him pull away from me. My heart sinks, i want him. But he removes my blindfold pulls me to my feet and kisses me hard on the mouth. A smile breaks on his face and he says, You almost won that round. But my pretty pet, i know your skills and tonight i will have them all.
I am ******** of my gown, and genlty pushed to the floor where my Master stands above me and makes me watch as he strokes my favorite toy until i am covered in cream. NOW, lets see how good you really are he says as i am once agian on my knees with my mouth full. I giggle at the happiness he has covered me in and am ready for the challenge ahead.
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is this a true story ... if not, its very lovley either way

it is put together from conversations with my Master. one day every word of it will be true. Until then just the thought of him fills my soul. And thank you.