Am I A Misogynist?

As those who follow my stories or check my profile know, I declare now as an old fart gay who loves his femboys and ladyboys. But for most of my life I have been bisexual. Even now I adore the female form, delighting in perving at and flirting with beautiful sexy women. I even screw an occasional one still. Rare, but it happens.

One thing I find interesting is the change in my sexual preferences with age. When young I reckon my bisexuality would have been reflected in a roughly 80-20 split. That is, about 80% of my sex was with females. Over the decades that has shifted to a 20-80 split, with women only occupying about 20% of my sex time.

In my dotage that figure is probably even less than 20%. Almost all my sex is with boys (over 18 of course) and men.

Yet, and here's the rub of this story, I remain attracted to female submission. I watch BDSM ****, I read things like The Story of O (one of my favourite novels) and Geisha, I daydream about having a female doggie slave.

Hence my question? Am I a misogynist? I hope not, but for some strange reason I have not the slightest inkling to have a gayboy ladyboy slave. When I think slaves and submission I think females. Almost as if in my psyche that role is seen as belonging to them and them alone. I am not turned on at all by the idea of male slaves.

In fact if I had both a doggie **** and ladyhoys, I would regularly give my female slave to my ladyboy friends to use at their leisure. (Yes, many ladyboys like to do the *******.)

Isn't that interesting?
61-65, M
2 Responses Dec 15, 2012're never going to figure!

Are you a bottom or top? I've often fantasized about being a sissy slave to a dominant Tgirl. Never had the experience though. I buy my ladybiys but it's expensive here in the states!!!

Neither really. I don't like to be pigeon holed. But I'm not a submissive or slave type. I'd like to own a slave.