The only boundaries are those that we adopt from other, their fears, or the ones we create to beleive in.
Have we not seen these boundaries crossed time and again with small and large miracles that others and ourselves have experiences.
We can pass the boundaries and the seemingly impossible is therefore possible.
Expand your spirit and surround yourself with infinite love, knowledge and healing.
At this time, it is not my time to pass and I know this, so it makes me very assured to move forward towards my passions for my future.
No one I know understands my desire to live alone in the middle of the forest with no neighbors etc and that I refuse to live in fear that I will be murdered etc.
I have found that I will not let fear get in my way. I prefer to think if a murderer comes into my woods to do me harm, that I will be quite capable of taking care of any and all threats, because there is much for me to do for others in this world, and another Psycho will not be able to take me out. Does that make sense to you? It does to me. I am meant to live, though I am unafraid to die. It isnt my time just yet. I have much more to share with others before the end. Kim
KrazyAuntKim KrazyAuntKim
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3 Responses Dec 16, 2012

Helden, you are such a fgood friend to me. Thank You my sweet! Sometimes I seem to not be afraid enough of things, LMAO. I have recently realized how much I really do need my own property ownership again. That way I can do what I want to do and answer to no one! I think I burried the pain from losing my house to forclosure pretty well, but now instead of mourning my loss, I beleive in my future coming to me the way that I want it to.

You are so very welcome my Krazy Sweetest Auntie Kim ;)
I do believe your future is looking up, and you will make it so :)
*kissy kissy face* ;) ;)

It makes perfect sense to me. When it is our time to go we will go, but until then we should live unafraid of death.
I do believe you have a whole lot to share!

It is amazing, the fears that I am finding in the deep recesses of my mind, that I missed when looking for areas to clear. The recent one is the fact that I have spent very little time living alone, yet I love being alone. I only mourned yesturday my divorce that happened in 2001! Talk about burrying issues, heh? But I am fine. I will continue to be fine. I am a survivor and as long as I can remember these issues to deal with, then damn it, I will continue to roll! Kim (Peace out!)

you are a survivor and a wonderful person.