How Do I Do That?

When people say to me that I should follow my heart, or my inner "something", I always try to figure out how I do that. As if there were a how  to do list, but when we try to find a method for it, or define what it means, we are not following our heart anymore. Right ? Sometimes I don´t know exactly if I´m really following my heart or if I´m not. But that concept really appears to make sense, even if I don´t know exactly what it means, if it means something. The question is : What does follow your heart means, if it means something ? How do you do it ? How can we know if we are really following our heart ?

Someone told me the other day that " to follow your heart you must first learn the uselessness of that phrase, only then will you understand that term, and when you've come to understand this, you will realize you have learned....nothing"

Which obviously  made me more confused...

But here's what i think following your heart means: to follow your heart is following your intuition. Knowing without words, sensing the truth without explanations. Allowing our intuition to guide us is very different from what we have been taught in the past (approaching life rationally). Rather than just trying to figure things out in your head, follow your intuitive feeling for a while and let things unfold.

So yeah, I believe in it,... I don't always do it, I don't believe that following my heart every single time will make me happy.. I  guess it depends on the situation.. 

But i always believe that my heart always know what I really want..

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logically, you "follow your heart" only if you can't find anything solid to follow, but you should know that the "heart" doesn't know everything and doesn't always choose the right thing, it take a lot of experience and sharpness of the mind and purity of heart to do that, as opposite to "blindness of heart" or "blindness in mind".<br />
Following your heart actually means knowing exactly (not guessing) what to do without thinking when you face a situation and your options seems the same to someone else. also, that process doesn't work under your command, it seems more like having somebody else by your side who knows better, sees better, judge better than your self.<br />
sometimes it simply means to follow your feeling instead your thoughts, like marrying a poor guy or giving your money to someone who need it, in another words, following higher values instead of a mechanical calculation of profits and losses, which will lead us to another question, that is how to know these values, but it's not the place nor the time to discuss it.<br />
however, you can always your SUPER POWER which all women have !!! aka, your SIXTH SENSE (don't ask me about that, i don't know what that is, and never see it in action!!!).

LOL, wow your very long comment... I guess we all have different take on it.. I agree that it doesn't always choose the right thing, but it doesn't mean that it doesn't know what it wants.. sometimes the circumstances are complicated that's why when you follow your heart it ends up to be a mistake it doesn't mean that it's not what you want it only means the timing is wrong.. LOL, okay now i got more confuse.. =)

sorry, i didn't mean to confuse you at all, also we don't have different views, in fact i agree with all the above.
i just wanted to say there's no formula to it, and if you asking where or when or how to follow your heart, no one can really answer that for you, because it wouldn't be "following your heart", Would it?!!
don't worry if it comes the time and the place, you will certainly follow your heart, because there won't be anything else to do...

following your heart is a funny phrase to me cause to me you shouldn't know your following should just be pullin you without you knowing.and just give you a glimpse once in a while where destination might be.that way the thing called the brain doesn't get its chance to put up a road block:)


My best wishes to you as you travel your path. I too believe in following that inner knowing.