I tried searching for you
Vines and branches
Constantly tripping amongst the darkness
I heard your voice
It sounded so close
But i cant feel you
Ive been walking, like a blind person
hands outstretched
feeling my way around
The occasional specks of light, lay slient
Yet they are not you
I see them and carry on, nothing is you.
Will you take this blindfold off of me?
I dont know where you are

I remember when you lay beneath me
you were like a part of me
that i felt would never leave
your skin, it glowed
your eyes they sparkled
you held my hand and put it on your heart
i saw it in your eyes.

Put jewels around my neck
then ran away again
left me to wonder......
You left in the night
i never did see you leave
i dont know where you went
but you left me blind folded.
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Dec 11, 2011