The Long Way Home

I yearn for the day when I am home

You are out there somewhere

I wait for the day I know I am done running

I look in your eyes and see my sun, moon and stars

When pain drives me to you, not away from you

When trust blooms again and hope is not lost

When I can look in your eyes and let you see my emotions

And I can see yours, uncensored

When the words "I love you" mean I love you

Yours arms become the only place I want to be

Your faith and approval is all I need

For now it seems, I am taking the long way home

moondancelady moondancelady
51-55, F
2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

But a few steps more, around that curve in the path he awaits you

If only life was really that simple

Ahh but it can be when you let your energy and spirit guide you

LOL..I have no patience..I am like a cat....I keep moving around...waiting and watching

See a cat wears itself out chasing a mouse and yes he gets one in the end but a mousetrap never moves and still gets a mouse. Hmmm

LOL...I can't sit still.

I have rope

LOL..I would prob chew through it...hehe

Feisty huh?

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Awww, I LOVE this song..... I hope good things find you... :)

Me too and thanks. Life is not bad..I like to write and tend to write when my emotions go a little nutty:)