I Am Speechless In Your Love

And I asked you for your words. And you gave them. And as tears streamed down my face and I choked on my sobs, I realized how much you love me. I already knew, but now....Even now tears begin...And I cannot see what I am writing. I know how difficult it was for you to say them. And I value them far more than you will ever know. And you laughed when I made a silly proposition. Would it were the one to solve this! So no one can be hurt. God. I love you so very much. Your love is a water bottomless. And I am learning to swim in it. Float and enjoy. God. Help me. I just want your love. And what you offer me. You are a gift beyond words. Both of you are.I feel your pain and I am sorry that I am the cause of this distress. It is like a dagger plunged into my heart.I want to cause no pain to the ones I love. Can I just take my heart that is torn in two and give each of you an equal portion? God. Your passion and your trust....I lack the words. My words sink into your waters. Do you collect them? Cherish them like I treasure yours? Or are they filling your waters and absorbing your doubts? It is unclear. But I am making headway. I realize this. As you say you believe me. I am honest with my words, love of mine. And when you left me with those words, repeated over and over...I am speechless. For this is love. And I have never known love til now in my life. And love is a blessing. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....How glorious is love! How you shine! You are my sun! kissesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.....Cyn xxxxxxx
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3 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Cyn - I hope that you will be whole beyond doubt. So many of us here are completing journeys of healing and for some of us too, it will not be simple.

Hey Cyn, Dont worry about hurting either one of them. Life is pain at times, but pain is the touchstone of all spiritual experience and in the end we grow and we are better people for any love that we have experienced. Your life is yours and the choice is in your hands and in your heart..I bet just knowing you would be a dream come true.(take it from me, as I am a dreamer) And if you cant decide, you're welcome to come and swim in my ocean...but the Atlantic is cold, so you'll need someone to hold you and keep you warm and safe from the storm.....I think I know a guy who would be willing to do that ;)

I once had a sunshine, but she chose to take my sunshine away