Mortar Of Love

I walk up to you. I look way up at you as you are taller than I. Most are. And I put down my belongings gently. I gaze up into your eyes full of intelligence, and pain, and love and desire. I know what has to be done. As I have always known. I start singing of my love to you. How you inspire me. How you make me see even more beauty in everything. How you intrigue me. How you tease me. How you adore me. How you want us to be a lifetime. How you love me. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........
Now I use words. To put little holes in the wall that surrounds you. It is needing some attention. I know that it is your sanctuary. But this is necessary. You need to trust me and my love. So I use words that draw you. All true, realistic, valid, and loving. How you will feel with me in your life. How you are opening up to me. How you are beginning to see the little bursts of light into your darker world. How this light is getting larger and brighter moment by moment, day by day, night by night. You deserve this love. You are so strong and gentle. You fight such demons. Respect. Admire. Adore. Worship? Yes. My fire burns higher, stronger, brighter!
What you give me I cannot put into words. But let me try as I may. Love. Acceptance. Lust. Instruction. Enlightenment. Growth. Words...They do not accurately describe your influence and your steady presence in my life. And I know you believe in me. In us. And you are my blessing. And I smile now. Content in your love. Anticipating our future. Loving you is easy. I love you. I love you. I love you. kissesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss...Cynthia.
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