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Let go of old grudges.
Be strong.
Live on.
BellaFairy BellaFairy 26-30, F 5 Responses Jan 1, 2012

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I am trying to forgive and let go of the people in the past who have let me down, but I always feel so disappointed. Even when they apologized and no longer communicate with me, I feel compelled to reach out to them or drop them a note every once in a while. I have to tell myself that I am not at fault and am carrying the burden of something that happened long ago that will probably not be resolved other than through forgetting and bringing some beauty into my life.

Sometimes the problem is living up to one's beliefs. I find forgiveness difficult at the moment but am improving.

Forgiveness takes a great deal of inner strength and sometimes practice. You will improve though, I know so.

Trust me I'm in need of practise :)

I so like your thoughts and very much like gr8jesus response!

Very impressive write! A stunning ex<x>pression of one who is not only letting go, but who is able to do so in a loving and selfless way... beautifully written!...:)

Why thank you! :)