How My Best Friend Deserted Me And Stopped Taking To Me For 25 Years

When i was growing up i had a special friend who i shared my secrets with. i had always loved her as a friend and thought that we would never ever lost our friendship.When i graduated high school i became a little more classy than she was, I liked to dress up so i bought the clothing that i need to get dressed up. She was more of a conservative person. however i loved her for what she was and i love me for who i was.
I thought our friendship would have never ended but she ended our friendship abruptly. She stopped talking to me and left me in the shadow all alone. I was lonely and wished that she would renew our friendship but she never did.

After 25 years i saw her on face book and request her as a friend because i forgave her and wanted to let her know that. She accepted me and we correspond via face book. i wish i never loose her as a friend for 25 years. We talk occasionally and i am enjoying it. I feel proud of myself and i can't wait to see her and have a talk with her.
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Aug 25, 2012