The Truth Of Forgiveness

People often associate forgiveness with closer. Not realizing that forgiving someone does not mean forgetting what they have done to you. I do believe in forgiving those who've done wrong to you but do you blame me for not forgetting what they have done to me. The human mind works in mysterious ways, it allows us to forgive but never to forget. People can argue that if you don't dwell or think about the situation you will eventually forget it, this is true. But there will always be that one day that something will bring you back to that time, that place that event, that situation that made you angry sad and hurt. It will fill your head with unanswered questions doubts and what ifs. The truth..........we can all forgive but never truly forget.
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That seems to be my problem, is that I forget how upset a person made me, and I want to befriend them again. I never get the chance to really forgive, because after a few months I'm completely confused as to why we split apart at all. Lol

Accepting them again in your life is the proof that you have forgiven, even though it may be by default because you forgot how upset they made you. You over came something that most people can't which is forgetting. Second chances are essential in life because you never know when you're going to need one.

well said!

Agreed! (:

Thank You. :)

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