Theres a lot of wrong being done in the world because people think theyre beyond saving, they could never be forgiven. But im here to tell you, we can forgive one another and it is possible to heal from hurt. I think it begins with forgiving ourselves when what we do doesnt come out exactly right and let go of the idea of perfectionism. Nobody on this planet is perfect, even movie stars, rock stars, billionaires. All these people seem to have everything in the world any person could ever want as far as material things, but even they make mistakes.

Its okay when we screw up or somebody else makes a mistake. The only unforgiveable thing is to go on hating somebody because you choose to harbor hate in your heart. This life doesnt last forever so theres no need to hold on to hate forever. Let it go and free yourself.

At first it may seem unnatural but in time youll come to see youve made the right decision.
shinjorai shinjorai
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1 Response Aug 17, 2014

I'm glad you are still around. You're recent post sounded quite desperate, at least it sounded similar to how I'm feeling. I get a feeling from this post you've drawn some conclusions and maybe you are starting to put a plan into action.

Naah man im fine, i just had been drinking that night and alcohol is a depressant and you know how that goes. Shouldntve been drinking anyway but was trying to get out the house and manage to actually talk to some people. Next time i might just skip all that lol.