The Future Hasn't Happened Yet!

I feel empowered by free will.  I am a conscious being who makes choices and has a future with many possibilities.

In the past i have though a lot about free will vs destiny.  I think people use phrases like "everything happens for a reason" and "it wasn't meant to be" rather flippantly within thinking about what it trully means.  I am as a guilty of this as the next person, afterall there is some comfort in thinking oh well didn't get the job just wasn't meant to be and there are situations which seem like they are meant to be.

If you look at in a very logical way then it can only be one way or the other, everything is either predetermined or everything is random and unpredictable.  Everything is so interconnected so I can't see free will and destiny existing at the same time.  But if everything is predetermined then what is the point, i do not feel like a robot and I know that my path could go in many ways.  I am restricted to a certain extent by natural inclination and the situation i was born into, but I have freewill within the parameters of my strengthes and weaknesses.

I reached a not very logical conclusion on my understanding of free will.  I absolutely believe in freewill, but then I also beleive that the near future can to a certain extent be predetermined, but I think that it is always flexible and changeable.  I do beleive in the law of attraction.  So like I can attract things into my path but how i interact with those things is my choice because I have free will.

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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

Absolutely ... the strength you put into believing in your will guides your thread in the tapestry, and your strength will attract others of like mind who will help open up the way -- and even if it is only a small part of the whole, your part will be stronger.<br />
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There will also be those you will attract who will try to turn you aside -- some with honest and good intent, some with their own lesser goals in mind, and some who simply cannot abide any change from the way things have always been. Be sure of your friends! <br />
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And don't forget to have fun. It's a long road to tomorrow.