To realise the state of one's own mind. To see that ... OM TAT SAT ... it is an instrument of sensation and desire and that it is mechanically caught up in routine. Such a mind is incapable of ever receiving or feeling the new ... for the new must obviously be something beyond sensation ... which is always the old.

So this mechanical process with it's sensations has to come to an end.

Karma is not an ever- enduring chain; it is a chain that can be broken at any time.

What was done yesterday can be undone today; there's no permanent continuance of anything.

Continuance can and must be dissipated through the understanding of its process. So when you SEE this process, when you are really aware of it without opposition, without a sense of temptation, without resistance, without justifying or judging it then you will discover that the mind is capable of receiving the new ... that the new is never a sensation ... therefore it can never be recognized, re-experienced.

It is a state of being in which creativeness comes without invitation, without memory and that is reality. That which is unnameable cannot be recognised. It is not a sensation.

Then you will find there comes love that is not sensation, intelligence that is not of time or of thought process and it is only that ... OM TAT SAT ... that can resolve this immense and complex problem of sorrow... .and to have the capacity of freedom that can come upon that thing that is sacred and from there ... move to something that may be timeless .......


46-50, M
Jan 17, 2013