We're Either All Going to Heaven . . .

or we're all going to hell, or maybe something else completely, like nothingness or our own planets.  The important thing is, I'm pretty sure we're all going together.


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2 Responses Jul 24, 2007

Me going with everything else...no way. I'll stay a while to look whats left to scavenge...kinda hyena soul, maybe, but...I'm not for collective things either. Freedom means going and doing the way YOU like, not following the herd...

i hope this is true. i grew up in the Christian faith and it appears that in their opinion, when we go to heaven we meet God and all our loved ones, but when we go to hell, we are totally and utterly alone with our torturous misery. thats pretty scary. but now i'm kinda "in between" religions meaning that i don't really know what to believe anymore. i'm more a spiritual person rather than a religious one.