This Is About True Tolerance

I honestly don't understand some religions that are out there, like hindu, or Bhuddism, I'm just never going to get that kind of faith!  And, I'm even convinced some religions are actually "fake" like Mormonism or Christian Science!

But, that's all besides the point isn't it? 

I think if people thought more about What religion is, there would be a Lot more tolerance.

I think the hardest thing about being a human, is obviously, we're aware, we can ponder on our own fate, our own death.  And, religion is our method of trying to deconstruct and comprehend our existence, not only our personal existence, but also existence in general, like as a species or the existence of the world, universe, etc.

Different religions are like different ways of experiencing the world.  People of different faiths don't just have different beliefs, they have different mindsets, different thought processes, different personality traits, they think differently, they interact with their "world" differently, they live in different realities.  Religion is so fundamental to our self, it's an intrinsic part of our consciousness.  We are all genetically unique individuals, and so are our different ways of percieving and experiencing the world. 

Even if we were all of one religious persuasion,  we would still think about our beliefs differently, interpret them differently and act on them differently.  There would always be differences of opinion because we are all different, we are Diverse.  If we weren't diverse and were just duplicates of ourselves we would have died out a long time ago.  Inbreeding is not conducive to survival!

So, how anyone could possibly want to have too much of an opinion on other people's religion is way beyond me!

I even feel tolerant towards people of religious faiths that aren't tolerant of me, I just usually try to stay away from those people! 

This is just because they're usually the more close-minded type, and I can't communicate with people like that, it's just too limiting!  But, I still believe that whatever they believe is completely true and right, for Them, just not for me.

To sum it all up,

To each his own



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Some religions are definitely fake, but not all.^^ I think you have a good point.

I have studied all major religions closely and seriously over many years. All are equally inconsistent with the overt facts, and believing in any one of them is no more rational than is believing in any of the others. People seem to need some basis to support their hatred of and discrimination against others so that they can justify to themselves the horrid things they do to them. I don't see that one religion has anything over any other on this basis. Modern splinter sects have only this going for them--they do not yet have a history of atrocities committed against others in the name of their religion.<br />
<br />
As far as I can tell, religion in based in human nature and not in any kind of thinking.

good for you. i'm glad there are open minded people left out there.

That is so good,glad to know open mind people too exist there, problem is that people do not tolerate others faith,
If world turn to people like you,haven is here:-)