. Hello :)
First of all , I believe that nobody has the right to comment on whatever I post in a negative way. If you have negative thoughts or concerns please keep it to yourself. I seriously don't need your opinion. I'm on here so I can share my thoughts and concern with people that appreciate it and give me good feedback.
Please &&' Thanks 😌☺️
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If you post here that your god is best. So I am not allowed to write negative comment even when I do not believe in any god?

. Well that's your choice honestly. Not everyones belief is the same. I don't judge anyone. So I don't believe your comment about how my god is the best is correct. I think that what I believe in is the best for me.

Since you say you don't believe in God. I suppose you don't write anything negative.

So well written. You deserve positive feedback. It is very important :)



I tried to applaud you as a gesture but it would not let me