Philosophy Of Friendship

Friendship is given, not bought.

Friendship is kept sacred, not destroyed.

Friendship is comrades not enemies.

Friendship is love not hate.

The bondage between two people can be a beautiful conception of emotions and experience.

Attachments can form or tear, make you or break you. You decide how powerful they become and decide if you're prepared for flutter or pain.

It is why friendship must be surveyed first, where do you want it to go? How long are you willing to make it last, and finally how far will your feelings go enough where you would put your life on the line for that person.

Friendship is important and necessary for most socialization.

It can be done without but humanity needs human connection to survive.

Others can sustain themselves alone.

It differentiates with people due to circumstances and past history.

Friendship is ideal but not necessary, much like marriage.

There is a two way street, either you do or don't. Communicate or not. People have their preferences when it comes to such, either they wish to be approached first or they will do the approaching, its best to discover this so awkward distancing isn't confused for facades.

This is my spell on friendship for all I've learned for even if you separate you will take a fragment with you, to reflect and move on to the next because like always friends come and ago or last a life time.
Lushiro Lushiro
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2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

I have lived much longer. With many moves, and a time in the military, probably have experienced this much more than you, but I believe you nailed it. Very impressive.

Thank you :)


That should have been a heart..because you are in mine.

Lmao :D