How To Help A Friend From Lesbian Attack!

i have just been to a camp where i first time witnessed a lesbian opening her feelings to another girl? lets name friend as 'buddy' and that unknown b***** as 'X'.Now my buddy is saying that she has a lot of friends who are girls that sheand she speaks top them in a friendly lovely manner...but for this camp she met many girls who were physically attracted to her and asked her to be their which she was freaked out (as she is my close friend she tells me about all this) and she told me that these girls are really very ugly and are pain in their ***** she refused but now one of these girls is really acting mad and she started crying infont of her(buddy) so much so that she asked my buddy to get a stone and she literally cut herself in front of her. well my buddy cared a damn about this freaking b****h but i know my buddy is depressed and freaked out she hides it through her smile.she is aware that this girl might spoil her name and things like that as she refused to say yes to her and she (X) is capable enough to do those things...i overheard this X saying that 'i will get her(buddy) back some how'.that she would first write a letter to my buddy saying sorry and then followed by a love letter! so she is not at all guilty at all of her mistake...she even asked my buddy to come for a walk/stroll with my buddy which she flatly refused...according to my buddy if any of those girls were cute she would say yes but they are not at all cute they loo ugly to her she says....
for the whole camp i was the only friend she could count on and she was close enough to me only (and some few freinds not so closely though)and now i took a leave from the camp and she is left alone for about 4 days with those ugly bitchews surrounding her whenever she is alone..
so the POINT is how do i console my friend ,what should i tell her that she would feel little better,yesterday her day really went bad..she wont tell but i can feel the pain she is undergoing..i want to make my buddy feel that is alright but how to tell her her mood is compltely off these days and i dont know what to do? guys PLEASE HELP ME SO THAT I CAN GET MY FREIND TO HAPPINESS.

and she is depressed but doesnot show it much on her face...i feel helpless for not helping her....or even making her smile,at the most...she considers me as her a close freind and wants me to help her but can you help me guys so that i can help her!????? plzzz

i cant see so much depreesed!!!
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It seems that you want more of a physical relationship with your friend. You should joke, "Wow... I'm glad I'm ugly, otherwise you'd be all over me and I'd get in so many fights with these jealous girls!" If she compliments you or says that you're smoking hot then you're in the door. Otherwise, if she just laughs it off then you'll still be in the friend zone.

did i mention thst i want a physical relationship...its just that its ******* her off..and i cant do anything for her! is there any thing i can do for her!??

when did i say i am ugly.she likes my smile very much then my hair too.i mean its normal right! we are FRIENDS!! and why will i be jealous am just helpless that i cant do anything for her in such a difficult situation!!?

Does she want a physical relationship with you? Did she ever actually say so? Have you both been sexually active with each other before? Or are you contemplating making a move because you see the potential?

I didn't say that you were ugly. I was saying to joke with her since she said those other girls weren't attractive to her to see what her response was about you. I think my words got lost in translation.

no not at all.i dont think she wants a physical relationship with me.but i take her as my friend only.we never even thoght any sexually that you are talking of.but i am confused. she gives importance to me when i am around (i dont think it is some thing like that intimate)...and smiles at me whenever we make an eye really too many times is that frienship?what do you think?

and i am scared to know the response about me may be unexpected and that can ruin our freindship which i would never let happen..

also we never spoke any thing sexually like that.but let me tell you one thing.the first time we became frinds we were only smiling at each other...and i dont even know when we became close friends..and once she actually commented on my smile that she likes my smile and her reaction was she did not look at me while saying what does that action of her's mean? i am confused.

She seems to value your friendship a lot. People that connect well together can smile just by looking at the other even without a reason because they feel safe, secure, and a true bond that evokes happiness. If there has never been any sexual confrontations between the two of you and you don't want to risk your friendship then it's definitely worth not attempting sexual intimacy. She might think of you close to her like a sisterly bond. You don't want to risk such a rare friendship for what might turn out to be a fling and damage your friendship. This friend seems open with herself enough that if she wanted to get intimate with you she would joke or flirt with you. She might not want to go that route because she might fear it'll break your bond together.

your absolutely right and all that is true..but the look that she gave when she said that she liked my smile was out of d as if she wants to be more than friends showed from her action...but i dont know if she really considers me as her friend only or something beyond..well offcourse friends but....some doubt!..can you help me solve this?

You're going to have to subtly flirt with her if you ever want to find out how she really feels. It seems to me that you really want to know. In this case, it's better to try than to do nothing and live with the regret of never knowing because you never tried. You can even say to her, "Why didn't we ever hook up?!" And if she replies with a negative response say that you were joking and apologize if it came out wrong. Then watch her face and notice her reaction. You should be able to tell if she wants to keep you in the friend zone if you understand her as well as you say that you do.

what is the meaning of 'hook up' by the way?

you mean to say that if she responses positively we can be lesbians? did you mean that?

I meant for you to ask her jokingly why the two of you never dated so just in case she doesn't feel the same way, you can pretend that you were joking. "Hook-up" means to date or be in a relationship.

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you have very very weird friends.
find out what makes your friend happy and do it.
and why you are asking guys?

she is only one friend that i have like other friends are really like saint kind..i make friends with absolutely anyone.but actually am a loner. and this friend approached to me saying that your smile is really good and that she likes it (i usually get comments on my smile and things like that)...
and that my hair too are nice.i usually feel left out when i am alone and when friends leave me alone.but this one is special! i have to say.

its hardly 2 days that we came to know each other and we came so close.

Wow - I'm not really sure what I can say that will help. I'm guessing english is not your native language. First a little criticism of your friend - if she's rejecting these girls simply because of their looks she seems a bit shallow to me. I am capable of being just as shallow as anyone. I dont really have any advice. It's a tough situation. Those other girls were obviously wrong - you cant force someone to love you just because you want them too. Everyone has the right to choose who they do and do not want to have a relationship with - and for whatever reason they want. I guess all you can do is be there for her. Listen to her when she wants to talk. Give her a hug when she needs it. let her know that you are her friend no matter what.

why are you saying that it because you found too spelling error..well i get comments that my english is reaaly good.!
why are yopu calling my friend shallow...doesnot she have a right to choose anyone she wants? she is absolutely free to do dat.!!

now i will hardly meet her so i cant give her a hug too! and its only 2days that we came so close to each other! and we never hugged and things like that ...i know i should have done it but unfortunately i have not!!
tell me something that i can do for long as i was there for her...
actually where we met people ,i think people used to think that we were lesbians and so in that fear i never hugged her!!!