Nobody's Business

Personally, I am straight, but I do believe in Gay Marriage. Two of my best friends are bisexual, and my next door neighbors are lesbians but are some of the nicest people I've ever met. I disagree with the bible, the Catholic Church and Conservatives. It doesn't make sense to me why people would oppose it. It's not a clear and present danger to anyone or anything. It's not like Gay Marriage will make the polar ice caps melt or cause economic instabillity. Gay and Lesbian people don't have the right to decide on heterosexual marriages, so why should heterosexuals have the right on Gay Marriages? I feel that one should marry the person they love regardless of sexuality, gender, abilities, race, ethnicity, background, color, social class, or any affiliations. And I also feel it's nobody's business to choose who anyone else marries. Like my friend Glenn says: "Life is too short to think about concequences. Do what makes you happy and screw the rest of them."

xihearthe80sx xihearthe80sx
18-21, F
Feb 13, 2009