Then I Saw Its Face, Now I'm A Believer...

I am sixty something years old (I have lost track over the years) and I have lived in merry old England all of my life. I am certainly not religious in anyway and never believed in the afterlife, until I saw it with my very own eyes (and glasses of course).

It was just another normal day; I had made my bed, swept the floors, cleared out the fireplace and dismantled, repaired, cleaned, dusted and re-assembled the engine in my BMW. I had just eaten my supper, pulled on my nightie and lit a candle to go upstairs to my bedroom. As I made my way up the stairs, I felt cold slaps against my legs as if hundreds of hands were forcing their way through the slim gaps between the railings. I just ignored it and thought I was being ridiculous until I sat on my bed and looked down, seeing bloody hand prints across my bare legs. Shaken, I made my way to the bathroom to clean up before I jumped into bed.

As I slowly drifted off, I heard a scratching from a tiny cupboard across from me; the cupboard was part of a large oak wardrobe but only occupied the bottom half. I took a closer look but immediately withdrew as a tip of a figure nail carved its way thought the key hole, at the same time a grotesque moan seeped though the gaps of the polished doors. Each door slid open revealing a human figure folded in half backwards with its cold dark eyes next to its feet. It freed one hand and slowly picked at the carpet while intently staring at me. As I walked away, it tracked me with its hollow eyes; I collapsed on the floor next to my bed unable to move out of fear. That was really all that happened, it just observed me while making scratching circular movements across the cupboard door. In the mourning it had vanished while leaving its mark on the wood door "I have watched you and I will have you".
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2010

I cannot say that I do not believe you, but in all my years of experience with the supernatural, I have not come across anything like this which sounds more like something from a horror movie. Did you eat a lot of cheese before you went to bed? And why did you light the way with a candle? Most people stopped doing that when electricity was invented. BTW, your avatar scares the pants off me!!

wow, very scary