Had Some Weird Experiences Wit The Supernatural

at my crib every body i live wit always has something to say bout the ghost in my house... everybodys had there own lil experience wit her, cuz i know its a girl. but for some reason ive had the most to say bout it.. in my room i can feel the covers being pulled over me and feel like if some one is walkin on my bed.. i can feel my hair being flip like if some one were to be playin wit it.  its crazy.... but things started to chill after i put this crucifix above my door and wear this cross i was given after attending this church retreat not too long ago...  i know the ghost ***** wit me when i sleep cuz i wake up yellin

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na there not a good thing, i believe in ghost and demons things like that. succubus are girl demons that try and get there seed planted from guys who are asleep and after they do that bad things start to happen to you.. its even told that a succubus help out one of the popes to get his rank or something like that and before he died he confessed his sins bout it pretty crazy. it may sound crazy to some people but than again there is alot of stuff that cant be explained in life ya feel me..

I do know about succubus's, which is why I asked. I'm just not sure that's a good thing, because a succubus is from I have read to be a demon. =/

i honestly think both... at night time when im by myself, its always followin me cuz you can just feel when someone is there or lookin at you like a 6 sense.. and in my dreams ill be havin sex and can actually feel it in my dream and i dont know if youve heard bout succubus's look them up itll explain more bout them ...

What exactly do you mean by "***** with you"? Do you mean like sex, or like joking around doing pranks or something?

This ghost is within yourself. She will be around when you want her to. She is in you. Most important don let her control you because really its you who control her. Nothing to worry about ghost or no ghost so long as you do what is right in life and don do what you think is wrong then there is nothing to worry about. Just like when you don borrrow money from others like wise don borrow money to them.