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My mom and dad divorced when I was about 5 years old. After she remarried I could not get along with my stepfather so I went to live with my grandparents. My grandmother and I were very close. She seemed more like my mother than my real mother did. I grew up married and had two children of my own. My grandmother always called me on my birthday early before I went off to work to wish me a happy birthday. On my birthday in 1983 when my phone rang just before 6 am I was expecting to hear her voice instead it was my aunt calling to tell me that my grandmother had passed away unexpectedly earlier that morning. Three years went by and my grandfather whom I was also very close to had a stroke one week before my birthday. He passed away on my birthday three years to the day after my grandmother. I guess there is nothing strange that both my grandparents that I loved so much both died on my birthday but what I'm about to tell is strange.

My wife and I along with our two children were watching some program on TV about ghost. We were discussing whether or not we believed ghost were real. I made the statement that if ghost were real my grandmother would surely contact me somehow. My wife said how would she do it? I said if there are such things as ghost let the telephone ring and let it be the wrong number. About a minute later the phone rang. We were all frozen in our chairs for a few moments. My wife got up and answered the phone and it was the wrong number. I have three other witnesses that this happened on the spur of the moment and was not set up a head of time in no way. I'm not sure what happened that day other than what I told you. I have never heard or seen a ghost. Something strange happened when that phone rang that day. Maybe it was suprise or what ever but I had the strangest feeling when that phone rang. I don't know what it was. I believe there are things for which we have no answers.
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Ghosts are SO Real! :)

True !!

What an interesting experience. I believe that those who have left this life do not forget those of us who are still in it. At times they find ways to communicate. It seems that is what happened for you. What a delightful way to 'keep in touch!'

There are many friends and family member are also talk about the ghost was also stay on there farm. But I does not Believe at one day When i was going with my father for my farm at meed night.so my father tell me if you want to go at home so you can go. I was came my house at the middle way i feel that any other person are also came with me.i also listen the different type of sound in this place but when i can see my back so nothing person are available. this is a winter . so very cold climate.At this situation is very critical and break down my hart situation. I always prey to god in the morning time. At that time i also prey god and fastly come my house.

This is opposite of what the Bible says happens when we die. By being presented with these spirits one tends to question if the Biblical destination after death is the correct one. Because if ghosts exist, then clearly heaven does not.

Interesting !

Dbaugh47, do you feel that it was because all of you were so close that your grandparents died on your birthday? It doesn't seem like a coincidence to me. Perhaps it was the result of your bond...?

Dbaugh47, do you feel that it was because all of you were so close that your grandparents died on your birthday? It doesn't seem like a coincidence to me. Perhaps it was the result of your bond...?

I was extremely close to my grandmother, who passed away when I was 18, shortly after her 75th birthday (she had been ill for some time with untreated diabetes & had suffered a stroke the previous year). On the night of her funeral, the alarm clock in the room where she'd slept just went off for no reason at 12 midnight (it was not set and had to be unplugged to make it stop). This was witnessed by my brother and mother, who were both in the room at the time due to my brother's being afraid to sleep in there alone, even though he was assured that his grandmother wouldn't hurt him. At the same time, in my great-aunt's room (she had twin beds and I slept in one, she in the other), the fire in her coal-burning stove (my great-aunt was old-fashioned and kept the appliances used by her own mother even though one had to suffer during winter when the fires died during the night), which had been dead, flared into sudden life. My heart leaped into my throat when I saw the image of a flying dove on the ceiling. Then it went away, and the fire died out. In the morning, my brother and mother told me of the alarm clock incident, and I told them about the 'fire dove'. We all agreed that it was grandmother come back to let us know she was okay where she had gone after death. My great-aunt, who'd been having troubles with her sister when she was alive, did not want to believe it. Not too long later, my mother and aunt started hearing my grandmother walk down the hall of the house from the kitchen to her former bedroom. This really freaked out my great-aunt, who started praying even harder despite not being a member of any church, selling liquor from her home, and being involved in the 'numbers' racket. I have another experience with ghosts and will relate that one later.

I've had a similiar situation. It was the day of my grandfather's funeral. We had went back to his house, and the my hair was a mess from all the wind. I went into his bathroom and found his comb to use. But before I used it I said out loud: "Grandpa, I'm going to use your comb if that is okay?" The lights in the bathroom and the living room (where most of my family was sitting) flickered, then the TV shut off, and right when my mom was getting ready to push the button to turn it back on it came on by itself. That has always stuck with me.<br />
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BTW- I'm sorry both of your grandparents passed away on your birthday. I always think that couple who really love each other die either very close together, or near the same time of year. My grandparents passed away a couple of years apart, both in late spring.