I believe in ghosts,i live in a haunted house.Theres one ghost that i think is tryin to communicate with me.Im the only one that can hear her,she screams,she shivers and i can hear her.I think she stays in my room.I hav well had an alarm clock that i recently it would jump to 10-20 mins ahead of the actual time,and when i got home it was after 1 and my alarm clock said 4:23.My dad thnks the ghost is tellin me time is running out,i wish she would giv me more clues or ideas on what shes tryin to tell me.I hav a feelin this woman was murdered,and her body was never found.Hav i seen her?only in my dreams,she is soakin wet,with long black hair.Theres no doubt that the person i see in my dreams is the person that comes at night in my room and sits or stands by me.When it was hot one night,i was dyin,it was realy hot in my room,but then out of no where it got cold as ever in my room,had to be her or another ghost,i'll always believe in ghosts and spirits.
demonicsangel2011 demonicsangel2011
22-25, F
Oct 12, 2011