Cold Spots And Ringing In The Ear

Lately  things have been quite in the apartment. No foot steps or talking has been heard id say since November. A few days ago it was just me and the kids. They both were in there room sound to sleep for there nap which was taken at 2:45pm. Early for them but i wasnt going to fight it. I kept hearing this humming in my right ear. I would shake my head and it would stop for a few mins then start right back up again. I thought ok i have an ear infection or something along the lines of it. So i just tried to deal with the humming. That went on for about an hour.and i head clear as day someone saying " i like it better now joy" there isnt anyone here named joy. jess,john, jade and jack or the only js in my apartment. 

I had been trying to get this thing stuck on my bathroom wall off for about 2 weeks. You know the thing that holds the razors. It was really stuck on the wall and neither me nor my bf at the time could get it off. i was in my bathroom putting shampoo and what not under the sink when that razor holder flew across the bath tub. frozen i just stared at it.  it didnt move but i was pretty cold in the bathroom. The guy across the hall came knocking on my door about a min later, asking me if i had heard about our landlord. The last thing i knew was that she was in st martys getting routine surgery done. ( she had triple bypass surgery and they were going in to replace a valve) He then told me she had passed away that morning. His wife had saw the look on my face and said " whats odd is around the time she was gone , my sons car had started moving around and running into the wall. I had asked John if he knew were the remote was and he told me that it was in the other room without batterys. I said no its moving one of the kids have it , and john said no impossible. at that moment the car came from between my legs and hit his feet."  we all looked at each other like we knew what was going on. few days later i was showering ( i did put the razor thing back on the wall after i cleaned the wall). My ex had shaved his face an hour before and left his razor on the sink. So to my surprise i was washing the soap out of my hair when i was hit in the side of the face with his razor.  I got out turned everything off and asked him where he had put the razor. thought maybe i was just seeing things. but he had told me that he left it on the sink.  i dont know what to make of it , but the activity in this apartment is getting physical and i dont think there is anything anyone can do to make it stop or leave.
tallican tallican
22-25, F
Dec 27, 2011