It Might Be Silly To Some, But I Do Believe In Ghosts.

I've always been able to feel what I'll call "presences", I suppose. My family makes fun of me for it, but I've had a rather violent experience when I was quite young, and a rather invisible something tried to yank a stuffed rabbit out of my hands one night while I was trying to sleep. The pull was so powerful it nearly yanked my arms out of socket. (I was holding onto that rabbit quite tightly, I was kind of scared!)
I've seen a large black dog beyond the woods near my house when no one else has spotted him.
I've felt someone watching me inside my house when no one was home ):
My stepdad really makes fun of me for seeing the man in the brown suit, who everyone made a guess and supposes it's my great-grandfather. I was in the attic upstairs, around mid-July when I turned around, saw him, and blinked. He disappeared. It had gotten really cold for the remainder of the time I was up there, which wasn't long, let me tell you!
The only two times I have ever fainted were up in that attic bedroom, and I've felt cold beforehand. I don't think it was directly related, but it makes me wonder.
My stepbrother Matthew and my uncle Nick have told me they've heard children giggling in the basement when nobody was home. This is coming from two credible, believable men who would have no reason to lie.
I'll be honest, there are times even today when the hairs on my neck just stand up for no reason...
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If they scare you, you can make them leave. You are the one that is alive which gives you much more power than they have. You just have to decide if you want them to stay or go. I say all this so easy but I can still get scared at some of the things ghosts do to get our attention.

They don't necessarily scare me, I guess it just kind of freaked me out the first few times. I've always been really sensitive, I guess experiences like this just come with it (: Yeah, some of the things that a presence does to get someone's attention can be creepy, but sometimes it's the only way they can, or know how to, communicate. I guess it's just a bit easier to see it from both ends of the spectrum, for me at least!