The Backyard

When I was about ten years old, my Dad was renovating an old house in order to sale. It was in the older section of Chicago, near the L station.

He would take me along with him because there was a nice big yard, and i was a quiet child, an only child, so he knew I would enjoy. There were statues of  Cupids, a goddess, (which I had no idea who she was), one that upon reflection, looked like a warrior, and a few that were crumbled, and couldn't identify.  Off to the side of the house was a 'Wishing well', which had a little sign on it's top that said so.

The first weekend I was just plain entranced with that back yard. The second weekend, strange things began to happen.  I would toss a ball to the tree, and it was as though someone was playing "catch" with me, the ball was tossed back to me. This continued each time I would play ball with the tree, except , with each new game, the ball was thrown a little further passed me

One Saturday morning driving to the old house I told my Dad about the backyard. He shut the radio off, and listened intently to what I said.  Pulling into the driveway of the house, he asked me to do him a favor, and call out to him every fifiteen minutes.  I thought was an odd request , but I agreed. I  called to him as he had instructed.  I was getting hungry so I made my last toss before I planned to go in for Lunch.

The ball came back to me, much higher and faster than any other time.  I saw that it was higher then I could reach so i started backwards, in order to catch. I was backing up quickly and my body hit the "Wishing well", the old cobble stone bricks gave way, and I was about to fall into the well.

Someone or something caught me before I fell backwards into the well.  Apparently I was screaming and Dad saw this phenomenon as he raced towards me. We don't speak of this incident very much, but he didn't take me with him anymore.  He also cleared the backyard and had it hauled off, broke down the "Wishing well", filled the well with cement.


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yep- do you know about all of our Chicago ghost stories- there are books in the library. the Bloody Mary story of the girl from Argo who got killed driving to or from prom who walks around Resurrection Cemetery on Archer avenue still in her prom dress.... the story of the couple who were just married at St. James of the Sag church in Willow Springs that the horse and buggy ran over and now can be seen at times? Of course many of these are just urban legends... but who knows? Yours was a true experience.. these are all passed down stories at this point. <br />
Thanks for sharing! Your Guardian Angels are strong and will be with you throughout your life!