Believing In Ghosts

Ok now I do believe in's kinda hard not to believe in something not only you have seen but your mom and little brother have seen and do see regularly. I've had my fair share of encounters with them.

I just wanted to add that it doesn't make since to not believe in ghost or an after life. I will honestly never understand how anyone could not believe in them. Even if I had never seen one and didn't know anyone who had I'd still believe they were there. It doesn't make since otherwise

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A lot of people have confused spirits (demons and devils) with ghosts, its true that some of you may say that you have proof of pictures that appeared well known people that died already, or you've SEEN someone in a form of spirit, and that someone has died a long time ago.<br />
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But here's what I know:<br />
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1. When a person dies, his/her spirit will transfer to another world, but it won't be in this world we're living in, and I believe you know what I'm talking about.<br />
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2. Why do I say that people mistake demons with ghosts? Its because demons have the ability to change their shapes and appearances, including that demons like us also know and have the ability to learn languages (whether it's Russian, German, Spanish or etc...)<br />
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3. Demons are also able to live for thousands of years, now I can't call them immortal, because despite the fact that their life span is waaaayy longer than ours, they still have an expiration.<br />
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4. Just for an extra info, there are kinds and types of demons, just like there are different kinds of birds for example. INCLUDING that like how there are bad demons there are also good demons. But just because there are good ones or you find a good one, does not mean that they cannot be mischievous. They sometimes like to tease and scare, like move an ob<x>ject in your home or something like that. And now I'm talking about the kind of demons that are free, like us, that can choose whether to be good or bad, to sin, or have a good deed, to pray or worship or not to ....and they can also choose to be in any religion they want to be in, you'll be surprised to find Jews, Christians for instance.... <br />
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5. The ones (the demons) which I believe are really evil, and are damned, they're the ones that are called "devils", they're the followers of satan.<br />
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6. It's said that it's best to always try to avoid them as much as possible, meaning we shouldn't try to contact them or involve ourselves with them. It is against nature, and sometimes things can go wrong. They say that there is a reason as to why their world (the demons) is separated and different from our world (humans).<br />
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7. Now somethings may get out of hand over here, like some people may move into a place to live in, and then find that spirits (in other words "demons") have already moved in before they did. If they're not doing you any harm, you can choose to stay there if you're ok with their existence in your place lol, you just have to be careful sometimes, like when you throw things, according to what I've heard sometimes if things are thrown at them such as a stone, they CAN get hurt, but such incidents RARELY happen because spirits are a lot faster than you think! And when I say fast, I mean faster than a bl<x>ink of an eye! <br />
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That's all I gotta say :)

iv'e seen a full figure and i know they exist x

I believe there is something better after our early life otherwise what is the point .

hospitals.. that sounds intresting!

Once you have seen them, there is no denying them anymore. If you want to experience the paranormal, go visit a house you know to be haunted. Hospitals in the dead of night always have something going bump!

aeyo Stef08, can ya give us some examples of what have u heared or seen at ur haunted home? plz? am just interested

I never believed in ghosts until we moved into our house, it's definitely haunted. I've heard things, but seen nothing. Other people have heard and seen things in my house. It used to really freak me out, now I'm just used to it.

yeah, i heared some stories like that from ppl before, lonely3, but hey, how did u know that it was a female ghost?

yeah, i heared some stories like that from ppl before, lonely3, but hey, how did u know that it was a female ghost?

i think i had one in my house. cettain things were disappearing, like a hoagie in the fridge, and then there was an old razor in the shower. I think this ghost was a female, this happend many many years ago. but to this day, there hasn't been anything else disappearing. it was really weird. especially the razor in the shower.

Well I think demons r sometimes considered as evil ghosts.

Im not sure about ghost, I do believe in an afterlife, angels, demons, ect. I jsut havent made my mind up about ghost yet...

Yeah, even if some of the people don't believe in them, they're still curious to know about them. So if ghosts were that interesting, they couldn't be some kinda myth, right?

some have it some don't. others can talk with them, but not see them, or visa versa. we can't all do everything. :( boo i know! lol

I have talked to many people who have experienced ghostly encounters. I wish I could.