My 1st Ghost

I was 8-10 It was 2 am. I woke up because i needed to go to the bathroom. I was walking down the hall and saw a white light. I turned my head just as she was turning her head and our eyes met. She was see through. She floated above the ground. The hem of her dress and edges around her were like smoke. She smiled at me. I was so freaked out i did NOT go to the bathroom but went to my parents bed instead. I laid there so afraid and scared and just stared at the door until i fell asleep.
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Was the feeling to need to go to parents bed because of seeing her or did it seem to come from her? From there being light that got your attention to her. Where things in your room messed with next morning? I have serious suspicions as to why and what was going on and her intentions but with out more details cant be sure but imagine they where good intentions and she was protecting you from something

It wasnt really a light. It was more like she was made of moonlight and in the dark house , it drew my eyes towards her because there wasn't suppose to be any light. I saw many different strange things at that house. I do not recall anything being messed with the next morning. I didn't bother to tell anyone because my parents never beleived me.

Hmmm sounds like maybe that there might of been something in area like maybe a ********* looking in windows for victim and she got you to go to your parents room and away from window of your room where you would of been vulnerable. It is only speculation given how long its been

That is some freaky *** **** there . Then you know . Maybe she was there to protect you from something or a guardian angel of some kind .

I would agree with this thought regarding the woman with the light...

You had a contact sighting ive had two of these, to me it was like our eyes met, they say the eyes are the windows to the soul. and other than them being a spirit it is essentually the same as you or I seeing eye to eye. In one case when my eyes met with a ghost that turned up in the backseat of my car while I was telling ghost stories (Ironic I know) I felt a flood of their emotional sorrow flow through me so deeply it was disturbing. on the other hand I had an angelic ghost visit late one night, woke to see her standing over my sons cot then move back towards the door and glance over at me give a look then disappear through the door, it turned out to be someone I knew but hadn't seen for a long time and I didn't suspect it of being her untill I knew of her death.

yes exactly. It was like our eyes met!

Wow, that is freaky. You were actually close enough to see her eyes? I would have peed on myself right then.

yes. she was just down the hallway. It was a 3 bedroom house. I waS SO freaked out . I still had to go to the bathroom. my dad was snoring loud and i thought this ghost was going to come through the door.. i was seriously freaking out. Never told anyone then either.

yeah.. i was very scared only her eyes smiled. She didn't seem evil at all.......

I was scared because i knew she was supernatural. I knew instantly she was a ghost. There was absolutely nothing else she could be. But she looked into my eyes and her smile was a beautiful and friendly smile. She floated maybe a foot off the floor...and she gave off a light...... kinda like a muted flashlight? OH oh like the moon. That is how i saw her out of the corner of my eye. Her hair was like smoke..curly q's. It was amazing. There were a lot of strange things that happened in that house. I looked to see if i could find out if anyone died in that house but i could not find any information> I still sometimes pass by my childhood house. I want to ask the people who live there if they have seen her but i am pretty sure they would look at me like i was nuts. I also heard voices from the radio ( my lil brother was there too) i saw a satanic goat with red the middle of the night. I saw a hand coming out of the ground like a zombie. I am sure there is more but all the time has faded my memories. I moved out of that house when i was in 5th grade. It was a lifetime ago.

That is very scary. Do you know that ghosts that float generally means they have been haunting the earth quite a long time? For instance, there was this white lady, see through, floating almost at the same level as the chandelier in a public library and apparently she had been there for hundreds of years.