They're Somewhere; I Can Feel Them.

I believe that ghosts are real. There have been numerous times in my life that I've either felt like I was being watched, or felt this random cold shiver out of nowhere when it was perfectly warm in the room, or feeling this strange feeling coming from some sort of space, etc. But this one time, scared the living crap out of me. You see, I was up late, and I wasn't supposed to be. And I thought my mom was asleep upstairs. Around 3 a.m., there's a knock on my bedroom door. Considering it sounded just like my mom's knock, (even though I found it peculiar, because I was downstairs, I can hear when people get up..and I hadn't heard anyone) I panicked, and shut down my computer and all.. And got in bed and all.. Only to have no one come in. At least no one I could see. I cannot tell you how scared that made me. My mom was upstairs asleep.
Ariesgrl21 Ariesgrl21
18-21, F
Mar 19, 2012