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I Have To!

My dads house is full of ghosts we have counted at least 10 different ghosts!
I myself have only seen 2!
But heard and felt the presence and weird goings on of lots more!!!

I was once in my dads dinning room and i am a little bit scared of the dark as i always get nervous but i was playing a game on the computer so i didn't notice the dark creeping around me until i heard a voice behind me!!

I didn't recognize the voice n thought i must of just made it up, but as i was gonna swing the chair around to go n switch the light on i heard it again!
I stayed staring at the computer screen not moving while i could hear a man and a woman arguing! i was to scared to actually listen fully so i never got what it was about! But then i thought the TV is on in the next room it must be just that!

I was about to turn round again and then i heard a creak on the floorboard behind me! i knew someone was in the room now so i listened expecting to see a family member jump out at me but no one did i just heard the woman keep shouting at the man to calm down and she sounded scared! i could also hear movement directly behind the chair i pushed myself down the chair so they couldn't see me (stupid i know!) but then the man shouted at me and then slammed his hand down on the back of the chair! i felt the air move my hair from him doing this he hit it with that much force!!!

I turned round and ran to the light switch with my eyes closed n then opened then when the light was on and all i could see was the chair moving by itself in 2 directions! i ran into the living room to ask if anyone had been arguing and they said they hadn't!

Everyone i have told said it must of been next door but no1 was living there as the old man who lived there had died 3 weeks earlier!!!

sazead sazead 22-25, F 7 Responses Mar 26, 2007

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Dont b scared. Talk to them and be firm. All u have to say is go to the light. I live here now. U have no right in my space. Spirits doesnt always realise they rnt flesh anymore

And they see u in light and dark and move through walls. Buildings. Countries

Ghost are real, some good and bad.

Yip. U only believe it once you have experienced it. Believe me

Alright well personally i think its all bullshit but i slept at a friend house with my bud dalton who was sleeping on the floor next to me we heard the door open thinking it was jordan another friend i threw my phone at the door and missed it went to the ground a second later it was returned with enough force to leave a mark on the wall and my cell phone we got freaked out and turned on the lights nothing was there thats when i started to think about it i dont believe spirtual people who see ghosts well maybe a few are true but i dont think so ii know people who pratiace voodoo and have done things that would have killed someoe then days later that person i dont know.. would nt that be manslaugther? me and my three friends have seen things like that too in a group seeing the excat same thing so i am questioning spiriits existance since im...pretty stubborn it takes alot to turn my mind.

Messing with voodoo and calling up spirits isnt quite the same as spirit showing up without u calling it. Theres a huge difference. U should be greatful that u havnt experienced a spirit harassing u. U dont want to know.

Yeah.......I'll consider this advice, I've moved and think a spirit moved with me,<br />
OR somethings happening in my new house?<br />
What U R offering 2 do is part of a "voodoo" ritual....interesting.<br />
I'm not freaked out or anything, stuff just disappears then reappears? WEIRD.<br />
I grew up in the South. My mind is open but I'm "careful."

Place a small bowl of salt at each door that has access to ur house. Discard and replace with each full moon. Burn camphor blocks.,sage eucalyptus bayleaf rosemary any or all will do. Say out loud. I live here now. Go to the light and so mote it be.

Place a black tourmaline crystal on each windowsill and hang a cross in your house

I've done that, it doesn't work. Not for me anyway. I also have crosses in the house.

It seems like u need to take extreme action. It took me a while too. Eventually i had someone else come in to do a good cleanse. Eventually i demoved a mirror from my lounge

I had someone come in a do a paranormal investigation, it may have made it worse, it was 2 women that had all the stuff, but were new at it. I have happenings all the time.

Had that too u need some1 experienced. The 1 person who came here believed in starving herself first. She believed it had to do with them feeding and latching on to u

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Ghosts exist in popular cultures and religions.

The best way to get rid of ghost (I have a few true ghost stories I could tell you) is to close all windows and doors. Take a box of salt and go from one side of the door fr<x>ame to the other side of the door fr<x>ame and do this with each window. (take the salt and pour a straight line), do this each each door and window. Then go down to the front door and open it up (don't put salt here yet) then say in a commanding voice "All spirits and demons (I say demons to make sure I am covered) I command you to all leave this house and this property and this ground, as you have passed on and need to go to the light. Then say "I do not want you here and you have to leaven in the name of Jesus Christ." Say those words with conviction in your heart and have faith in God. Wait for a breeze, or an image or a spirit to leave the front door. Then when you feel they are gone close the door and pour the salt in front of the door in the line like the others..<br />
<br />
I have told many people to do this and it has worked for them. I am psychic so I know sometimes spirits are drawn to those who can see, feel or sense them. <br />
<br />
I know I had a house where I lived and I told the spirits on a quite day (no house noise, no TV just silence) I said I am moving and you can not move with me so you need to leave and never return. Well I did see 2 spirits quickly pass past me. True Story. <br />
<br />
I have other stories if you need to email me:

Fabulous advise. I too find they r drawn to psycic people. Great true stories

My dad has been visiting me and mom, diff. Houses, for 11 years now. He moves things in my moms house to show his there. I can smell him too

Very cool story. I used to be skeptical of whether or not ghosts were real until I saw one at my moms house about 4 years ago. I know I did not imagine it and I was the only person downstairs. My mom and son were upstairs the whole time. I couldn't tell if what I saw was male or female. It was more of an apparition. It happened so fast. I was doing laundry and as I came down the hallway there it was gliding by her kitchen sink. It startled me at first but then I was in awe! What a wild experience that was.