Possible Demon Sighting


this happened maybe 2 years ago but is still worth noticing and still unexplained.

this isnt my story but my little brothers story.
one friday evening/night my brother was at a friends house and were wachting tv/ playing games. typical friday.
they both needed smoke so they desided to open a window on the first floor and hang outside to smoke.
as they where smoking the looked at the row of houses behind his friend's house. and all of the suddenmy brother noticed a figure (possible male) leaning/standing beside a shed that belonged to the house behind his house. the area where he lived the backyard face eachother.
as my brother adresses his friend what he was seeing his friend he got an big chill down his spine. as if the figure had just turned his head and faced directly at him. his friend then said "did you feel that" (meaning he also noticed the figure). right after that the figure turned and walked behind the shed never to be seen again. but the crazy part is when the figure turned my brother and his friend could clearly see a tail. yes a freaking tail. like the hellboy shaped pointy tail. this freaked my brother and his friend that they quickly closed the window and went back downstairs. after they had come to there senses they wanted to make some coffee. but the coffee machine was acting weird. the out-of-water-light kept flickering, even when they unplugged the entire machine. also there laptops turned off automaticly and the tv-screen froze for about 3 seconds.

was this some sort of demonic entity or pure coïncedence? but everytime i bring up the store i can see uther fear in his eyes when he mentioned the figure. i could use some mediums advice or someone who researched demonic entities.

sorry for bad english.

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Any new sightings?