Lifetime of House Hauntings

I moved from my old house 2 years ago this past Feb 5. That house I had lived in since I was very very little. That house came with a history and attendents already. 3 people had died while living there. One natural cases, One overdose, and one suicide. I have insomnia and I was always up late, and you would be able to experience things happenings. Lights would dim, things would move. One year, during a holiday a family member had said he did not believe in ghosts and hotdogs flew from the freezer and slammed in front of him. It was clear that others were living with us. Living in my new house, I did not expect it to be "empty" and it is not. My neice whom is 16 months talks to someone all the time, and I know it may sound crazy but childrfen still have their innocence and they can see them. She knows that they are there. We have some weird things happening here, such as the vaccuum going at 2 am when no one is upstairs. Doors holding themselves shut, knockings when no one at all is near a door. It is safe to say that they are all around us, and it is something that will never change. as long as we exist so do they.

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1 Response May 23, 2008

I once lived in a house where strange things occurred. There were several unexplained accidents where either you should really have been hurt but were not or something small would happen and and you would be scarred for life. I always felt like there was a good force and another force present at different times. You would feel someone brush up agaunst your cheek and if you kicked the covers off, somthing woud cover you back up. If we talked about "it" while in the house you would feel an overwhelimg dread that this was not permitted. We had to move from the house suddenly and on the day we left the house just felt so sad but with a danger - like we NEEDED to get out fast. I am curious if the new people living there have any similiar experiences.