I Saw A Ghost When I Was Little

When I was about 10 or so....I was walking from my grandmother's kitchen into her bedroom and something outside in the neighbor's driveway caught my eye. It had been raining so everything was still wet and shining....I stopped and looked through the open window(it was open to let the cool air in) and I saw this old man (not the neighbor's husband) standing behind her car. He had on his robe type thing that was open in the front and and he had a beard that was almost to his chest and white hair. He slowly started lifting his arms as he began turning in a circle. I ran to get my grandmother, but by the time she actually got to the window he was gone.If I recall correctly his robe thing had colors on it..stripes that ran up and down. The type of robe was not like the kind you get or have in a hotel but the kind that doesn't tie but is shaped like a bow. As in a bow and arrow. His beard like I said was almost to his chest and was white with black in the middle. Also my brother and I always heard heavy booted footsteps in our attic.They would start toward the back of the house and stop over my bedroom which was in the front of the house. We also heard furniture being dragged around. We would go and check the next morning and find that nothing had been moved.
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1 Response May 9, 2012

Well, the man you saw could have been a real man, although his appearance certainly sounds odd. The footsteps are creepy, though.