I've Experienced It...

I've seen a lot of different stuff, so I'll tell you a few.

One is a gray blob thing in a house I used to live in. I saw it three times, twice in the kitchen and once in the living room. It had the shape of a cat. I had read stories on "shadow people", so I decided to call it a "shadow animal". My sister saw it, too, in her bedroom so luckily I wasn't alone. My mom thought we were crazy, though, until she saw it in the living room herself!

We now live in another house with my grandma, one that's very old and has had death to happen in it. I've seen flashes of something in the kitchen, and so has my mom. There's a door in my room that connects to the kitchen, and once while I was walking past it in the kitchen I could hear stuff falling from inside. I was home alone so I waited until everyone got back, and checked. Several items had fell from my shelf and a poster that was secured with tacks. It doesn't sound like much, but it was still pretty scary.

Another was the girl's bathroom in fifth grade. It has always been spooky. It was behind a set of double doors at the very end of the hall, right below the abandoned second floor (which was also pretty creepy). I've heard whispering and talking coming from behind stalls. No one was in them because I made sure by looking for feet and once or twice opening the stalls. I'm not alone on this either, my best friend heard crying in a stall and opened to find a creature bent over, which disappeared seconds later. Two other girls saw an unfamilar woman dressed in a dress and barefoot wandering around the bathroom.

I've had a few other things happen, but that's just the main ones. Not really exciting, I know, but I don't think I would want something too extravagant to happen like that lol.
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ive had a similar experience when i was in 2nd grade there was this human like creature that crawled on the ceiling and it was moving like a flipbook movie and it turned its head around and looked me straight in the eye and this things eyes were like an orange color luckily i had the safety of my covers to protect me

Sinice joining EP I've realized shadow animals are not so uncommon. I also seen them as well when I was little. There were these small shadow-like things that ran around in the hallway at my parents house. They scared the crap out of me and it is the reason why I always sleep with the door closed.